Mission Firos is a multi-player virtual reality game, with free movement, combining brain teasers and a shooting game in a futuristic environment.

It’s the year 2150 and for several months now here on Earth we haven’t heard from the inhabitants of planet Firos, so called because of its red colour.

On that planet (where the atmospheric conditions are similar to those on Earth), one of the greatest expeditions ever undertaken was carried out less than a century ago, to study its core which contains energy comparable to that of a small star and which could provide an almost inexhaustible supply of energy.

A large scientific community was set up there, which discovered a unique mineral: Timonium. This mineral produces extremely powerful energy, which they have used to develop an autonomous, hybrid ecosystem, based on the technology of highly complex artificial intelligence, which facilitates human life.

Gigantic domes have been built on the planet, to create an environment similar to Earth in order to accelerate still further exploitation of the energy on Firos.

But now communication systems between our two planets are no longer working. Without any way of knowing what is happening on Firos, we have called on you, as elite troops, to find the black box of one of the domes, which cannot be detected.