A unique multi-player, virtual reality experience

Spartrack VR is a multi-player virtual reality experience for teams of 2 to 8 players. The players operate in a 120sqm area confronting mutual enemies in a highly immersive futuristic environment.


You and your team move around freely in a big, 120sqm area. Walk around, explore and interact with the futuristic surroundings.


Focus on team spirit as you communicate and operate together. Working together is essential to combat the many enemies.


Experience strong emotions with total, almost simultaneous virtual reality immersion. Enjoy unique visual, auditory and touch sensations, calling on all your senses.


But it’s not only all about thinking and analyzing: armed with a weapon, (false of course) let off steam with the shooting game. Enjoy destroying strange creatures. There’s only one rule here: have fun!

Immersion using virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality takes one or several people into an artificial, digitally created world. This might be a copy of the real world or an entirely imaginary world.

How is that possible?

Thanks to use of the latest technology.

For movement tracking we use the Optitrack, sensor system, with lots of sensors located in the game area, MSI for the portable computer system and Oculus rift  for the helmets and false weapons.

The real advantage of this high-tech equipment is free roaming: the possibility of moving around within an area without being restricted by wires, making the experience all the more immersive.

With its high-tech equipment, very low latency and thanks to the specific design of its content, Spartrack VR does not cause motion sickness.

Equipped and armed, together with your squad it is now time to embark for Mission Firos. Ready to enter the matrix?